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Timney trigger in Mosin 91/30 stock

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Re: Timney trigger in Mosin 91/30 stock

Postby rjmt » Thu Oct 27, 2016 2:32 pm

thanks for the feedback, I'll get a trigger shoe on order along with the Timney cut pillars.

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Re: Timney trigger in Mosin 91/30 stock

Postby johned » Wed Dec 28, 2016 6:50 pm

I have the Timney Trigger in the shop. I will put it on my MN soon. I am a believer.

I bought a MN action m,any years ago that found its way into my closet and went unnoticed for years till I forgot just where or when I bought it. Funny thing is that the action has a barrel on it that is terribly eat out and the end must be 318 and the chamber end is .314. GONE! BUT the action has a Timney and the bolt seems to be lapped and the head space is fine. That cap on the end of the bolt that functions as a safety is beyond description. It, "Cocking Piece" is cut and ground off as short as possible in the front and missing the tang. The rear grip is ground of even with the rear of the firing pin. This thing could not possibly be lighter unless re-manufactured using Titanium. Lock time is reduced as much as possible. Rock Solid mount is mounted, well, rock solid and I got rings. Heck of a surprise as I thought it was a Swede wrapped in a bundle but was this MN. I have a MN sniper Original Fake that I am proud of. Installing the Timeny in the Sniper and adding the lightened bolt cocking piece should do the trick. It has a 308 barrel.

The action I have has a lot of work and I would like to salvage it but the barrel must go. Any ideas on replacing the barrel with a 308? The 308 on my Sniper is Russian made and installed by an armory. HELP!
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Re: Timney trigger in Mosin 91/30 stock

Postby Grindl » Thu Dec 29, 2016 8:27 am

Welcome to SOCAMO , Johned . Without trying to hijack this thread ; I am currently building a "F"class using a M-N round receiver / matching bolt , and a Kreiger .308-5R , 26" barrel.
CCA is doing the action / Barrel work and lapping the bolt ; as I'm not a gunsmith , but I'm doing all the rest of the build .

There are many barrel makers and it comes down to both price and preference , along with what you'll be using the rifle for .I chose Kreiger for their "rep" in the L/R target community . Bartlein , McGowan ,Shilein , and a host of others make excellent barrels for M-N's. Pick your poison .
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Re: Timney trigger in Mosin 91/30 stock

Postby bearrowland » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:58 pm

Late to the discussion, but I like your rifle RJ!!! :thumbup: :thumbup:

"rjmt"]Mark, I didn't remove the safety, just cut off the bar.
I'm still in the process of opening up the stock, THAT is more work than I anticipated. Using a dremel and a cutting bit.

I've checked the action with the Timney trigger installed, minus the safety level and it works fine, including slaming it on the ground. No problem with a loaded round in the chamber and no A. D.

the purpose of this project was to hide a Timney trigger in my Mosin PEM Sniper clone, which is used as a target rifle. Hope to finish off the stock this week.

and I have a stainless steel firing pin spring already - don't remember where I got it from.

that's a Vortex scope on it now, the sniper bent bolt clears the scope by only 5mm.

here's a photo of my PEM clone now, should look no different after the Timney trigger install. That's the point

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