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600yd wind effect example

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600yd wind effect example

Postby DevilDog » Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:57 am

I was shooting my now regular league play at 600yds last night, and we were facing some interesting wind. On my first trips to the 600yd line, I spent time working out the ergonomics of shooting prone, my reload recipe, and other things. It wasn't until this, about my 4th time out, where everything settled down and I could think about the wind.

Our 600yd target area sits in a semi canyon of sorts, which slopes up to the firing line, which is bordered with trees. The wind always seems to blow left to right downrange, but we had a steady 10-15mph breeze coming up the canyon in our faces. A "Knock down" breeze effect was clearly visible in my groups.

One group formed about 6 inches below and right of center, the other 3 inches high and not so right of center:

During a brief calm period, I put up the 3 X's in a row, confirming my zero:

(It only takes 1 shot on the X to keep you coming back for more!)

Making click adjustments for windage after every shot seems impractical, trying to make adjustments for the lower group resulted in the upper group forming, so it looks like I will be trying 'good old Kentucky windage' the next time I am battling some wind. We will see how it goes. .

My first 10 shots were so-so with a score of 93, however
I shot my last 10 shots @98/3X, which means only 2 were not in the 10 ring. Nearly a 1 MOA string.

This score is on par with most of the scores I see shot with the other calibers, showing that the Mosin round can hold it's own!
If we take those 3 successive 'calm' wind shots by themselves, they are 1.5 inches@600yds, which is .25MOA. Probably a fluke :lol:

My goal is to get a calm day and shoot .5 MOA for a 10 shot string, that's my current Holy Grail.
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Re: 600yd wind effect example

Postby iridium-192 » Wed Jul 04, 2012 5:37 pm

You are one meticulous person, I can tell... Impressive job, man. Now I would like to see anybody doubt Mosin capability. (even with replaced barrel, it still has old bolt made in 194x... or so...) Hey, would be interesting to see the reaction of Russian manufacturers who mess with old Mosins... They so brag about 1 - 1.5 MOA results with ALL NEW STUFF installed... :lol: this would be like a slap in the face! :oops:
Can't wait to put my hands on Carbide reamer...
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