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Heading to the range with my reloads

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Re: Heading to the range with my reloads

Postby Ombre noire » Mon May 13, 2013 8:46 am

Marauder 1 wrote:Well I've loaded up some PPU brass with Federal 210 primers, Winchester W760 powder and Hornady AMAX 178 FMJ grain bullets. Report to follow. I'm also taking along a box of PPU factory loads with 187 FMJ bullets as a benchmark.

Maybe some video later.

Marauder 1
On a trip to the range, last week, to test some .311 and .312 bullets and loads, I also loaded 5 rounds with 178 AMAX.
First time ever shooting real .308 bullets through my 43 Tula. Only loaded 5 rounds, by curiosity mostly, as my bore slugged at .313, I wasn't expecting too much out of it.
They shot better than expected, just a bit over an inch at 100 yards. I was also using PPU brass, 210 primers but 43.5gr of Varget.
I will play with this a bit more, to see if it was a fluke, or not.
If my rifle does do well shooting .308 bullets, I will also try different kind of Berger Bullets, I have some LRT's 175, Hybrids 185 and VLD's 185.
Have you ever try these in one of your Mosin-Nagants?
Can't do that right away, as my stock wasn't in a very good shape, I am in the process of refinishing it. I posted that on "repairs and restorations" where I am also asking if anyone is familiar with Minwax antique oil.

Hope to be done with stock by next week, curious to try few more .308 loads vs .311 and .312.

Good shooting.
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