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'43 Tula PU, one mile, video.

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Re: '43 Tula PU, one mile, video.

Postby Grimstod » Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:59 pm

0933 wrote:Great shooting Ivan!! Very impressive with a 3.5X scope! :thumbup:

Grimstod wrote:When you did your calculations did you adjust for BP? Mine also says 1100 but when I change BP from 29.34 (the average for my area) to the BP of 23 (that he lists in video) it goes up to 1400. Remember that the only thing that really slows down a bullet is hitting air. With 21% less air you can shoot farther.

What other variables are you using??

I plugged in G1 B.C. of .499 that retards (.493 between 2200 & 1800fps), and .480 below 1800 fps, MV of 2400 fps (He refrenced this velocity in an earlier video ... 594#p19594 ) DA of 2523 ft, and temp of 51.7 degrees. Using those, I'm still getting a transonic zone around 1150 yds.

Barometric Pressure measured in Inches of Mercury. Its very simple the only thing that really slows down a bullet is the air. If there is less, in this case about 21% less then normal the bullet does not have to go though as much air. Put BP back up to the typical and its back to 1150yards.
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Re: '43 Tula PU, one mile, video.

Postby iridium-192 » Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:29 pm

As a runner, I can't just miss one point here...
Here it is... 1 mile... just think about it... , a human would have to spend about 8 minutes (480 seconds!!!) to reach a target (running PRETTY FAST BTW...), a bullet though covers this distance in a little over then 1 second... Do you realize HOW MUCH energy applied to a projectile? :crazy: I think it is fascinating! :thumbup:
Great video, thank you!
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