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The 7.62 mm. Russian Cartridge, 7.62x54R Info

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The 7.62 mm. Russian Cartridge, 7.62x54R Info

Postby Marauder 1 » Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:04 pm

The 7.62x54R round was adopted by the Russian Army in 1891, and
has been used through all wars since that date. It is a rimmed
cartridge that has a large diameter body and the outer edge of the case is beveled. All Mosin-Nagants, Finnish Nagants, Nagant
Carbines, Sniper Rifles Dragunov (SVD), and Tokarev rifles use this caliber cartridge.

New Production Ammo can be found manufactured by Norma,
Sellier Bellot , Wolf Performance, and Winchester to name a few.
Reloading Dies are made by Dillon Precision, RCBS, Redding, and
Lee Precision , to name a few. Reloading components can be found at Huntington's, Midway USA, and the Wholesale Hunter, to name a few. Brass - Sellier Bellot does not reload well. Norma brass and any US manufactured does reload well. I suggest purchasing new Norma or Lapua Brass from Midway USA or other listed above.

Also surplus ammo can be had very cheaply, some for as little as 25 cents a round. Most is steel cased which means that they can not be reloaded, but there is some surplus brass that can be reloaded. The biggest issue is the primers. Berdin primers are hard to come by but not impossible to find. There is also some non Berdin primed surplus on the market that can be reloaded. These are typically Prvi Partizan rounds with a 150 grain bullet.

Powder - IMR 3031 or IMR 4064 are both good powders for this

Granted it will probably cost you more for 100 new pieces of brass than what you may have paid for the rifle itself (depending on condition, model and rarity). One easiest way to remedy this situation is to purchase three or four rifles - then because of economy of scale you will feel you are getting a better bargain!

Specification 7.62x54 Russian
Bullet Diameter .310
Neck Diameter .332
Shoulder Diameter .453
Base Diameter .484
Rim Thickness .055
Case Length 2.11
Cartridge Length 3.02
Velocity 2660
Ballistics - Very similar to the British .303 and the .308 Winchester.
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