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54r compared to the 30-06

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Re: 54r compared to the 30-06

Postby Shepard » Sat Apr 05, 2014 7:51 pm

The one thing I think you've left out of the equation. Is it not the surplus and even up to date military manufacture [7n14]as good as it is -- was made as cheap as possible. Why make the bullets out of lead when steel is cheaper and kills just as well.
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Re: 54r compared to the 30-06

Postby opos » Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:29 pm

Shepard wrote:A good read would be anything you can find about P.O. Ackley and the AI Improved cartridge system. He was able to add to the ballistics of a lot of standard calibers and make them better. The bases of his idea was to be able to start with normal store bought ammo and fire form it on the first shot. That way you didn't have any problems get loadable brass.

I grew up in Colorado and worked in a gun shop in Northern Colorado in the late 50's and early 60's...In those days it was all about "sportarizing" milsurps (they were so cheap it was a real lure...$25 to $40 for a nice condition 03A3 or 1917 Enfield or K98...they were in the corner in a barrel in every gun shop and places like Sears and Western Auto.

Ackley was from the Southern end of Colorado (Trinidad as I recall) and everyone wanted an Ackley this or that...I had an Ackley 30-06 on a Winchester Enfield and an Ackley 25-06 on an O3A3...and I can tell you they were nice rifles but the Ackley improvement really didn't do that much for the amount of powder the blown out cases used...Frankly I got to the point I preferred to just fire form a standard case in a decent bore and neck size after that....I sort of think the Ackley thing was a nice idea and supposedly one of the forerunners of the Weatherby but I never got the value bump out of the trouble and expense.

I shoot a number of milsurp's that were converted in the 50's and 60's...just an obsession with me...I shoot 7 Mauser, 8 Mauser, 25-06, 30-06 and of course the Mosins...My deal on all of them has been to fire the new cases and now I'm using Lee Collet dies on the neck...Since I'm not using anything exotic with lots of fire forming I don't really try to stretch my brass to the limit (had a 30 Gibbs that I worked the brass long and hard)..when the brass starts to show any issues it get's dumped.

Had though about a 30-06 Ackley just for fun and decded against it.
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