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Berdan to Boxer revisited

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Berdan to Boxer revisited

Postby Marauder 1 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:38 pm

[BBvideo 425,350][/BBvideo]
I think I posted this video before but while I was watching it I was thinking what if you added Loctite 609 which is a High Temp high pressure sleeve retainer.

Top Pick Loctite® 609™ is a low viscosity, rapid-curing anaerobic adhesive that augments the strength of press fit assemblies or slip fit assemblies up to 0.006" in diameter. Adds up to 3,000 psi holding power. Recommended for parts that will need subsequent dismantling, i.e., retention of bearings onto shafts and into housings. Mil Spec (R-46082B) Type I.

Or there is this
Loctite® 5452™ Fast Cure Thread Sealant

Loctite® 5452™ Fast Cure Thread Sealant - for Sealing High Pressure Gaseous and Fluid Power Systems.

Benefits of the Loctite Hydraulic & Pneumatic Sealants:

Seal and secure used or new metal pipes and fittings by filling the air space between the threads
Contains no fillers or particles that could contaminate system fluids, foul valves, or clog fine filters or screens.
Locks fittings from vibrational loosening, while controlled strength assures easy disassembly

Added benefits of the new Loctite® 5452™:

Immediate low pressure sealing
Fast cure speed, on average 4 times faster than traditional anaerobic sealants
Gel formula, well suited for any size NPT, O-ring boss (ORB) or JIC fittings, even large fittings, gaps or threads
Seals mating surfaces of flare style fittings, filling scratches and surface imperfections
Works well with dry seal fittings, such as ORB style connectors to prevent rotation that ultimately leads to leakage
Primerless formula cures quickly even on stainless or inert metals

Check out the link Loctite High Pressure Sealents


So in the swaging stage add some of this to the copper. Or you could use brass that would be even better, and you've technically increased the strength of the pocket are.

I think he's got something here but I bet it could be perfected. I'm going to see if I can find out what powder charge he used so we can get an idea of the pressure he's generating
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Re: Berdan to Boxer revisited

Postby Mike 56 » Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:59 pm

Good video i enjoyed it. When i get a new press i want to try it. My old Lee Challenger press is not up for the task. On the 54r conversion the primer hole looks a little big. I think i will change that part of the conversion. This week i will pick up some steel 7.62x39 cases this week and convert then and see how they work. That guy had some real nice reloading tools. I think he would laugh at my cave man gear.
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Re: Berdan to Boxer revisited

Postby Shepard » Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:04 pm

I agree Mike56 that theres to much flash hole. This can over pressurize the primer and cause a blowout.
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