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No. Cal Hog Hunt

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No. Cal Hog Hunt

Postby DevilDog » Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:26 am

I have been looking into Hog Hunting in Northern California, it seems like it would be a great trip for my son and I.

Comments from anyone who has info, guide references, or insights would be appreciated.

These guys looked interesting:
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Re: No. Cal Hog Hunt

Postby ELMOUSMC » Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:58 am

Can't help you N Califoria but if you want to shoot feral Hogs Texas has the mother load.A friend of mine has a big cattle spread in W.Texas and as everyone knows they are having the mother of all droughts there.Water is at a premium and the water holes are drying up.The pigs come for water and foul them so bad that the cattle won't drink
Myself and a couple of the old gray beards I shoot with took a trip last fall to help cut back on the pig population
In 5 days of shooting we got 26 pigs 19 of them were sows,Like my friend said you shoot the Mamas and you don't have the little oinkers running around
Most of the shots were at dusk and early evening and at ranges from 75 to 250 yds a varity of rifles were used including my model 44 which accounted for 3 of the total I was using Brown Bear 174 sp and taking head shots they were DRT good stuff
If you take body shots you better have AP rounds those thing are really tough.the .35 rem did a job on them also but it took more than 1 to put them dowm and in 1 case 5 to kill it :shock:
All the pigs were harvested and butchered and given to food banks,the Boars were ground into sausage and spiced up so that now 7 months later my mouth still burns but it was so good you just couldn't quit eating it :o
We are planning another trip for late spring I'll let you all know how it works out
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