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Common Sense or Lack of It

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Common Sense or Lack of It

Postby Grindl » Sat Mar 24, 2018 1:08 pm

I have spent the last three hours watching the "March for Our Lives" broadcast on FoxNews , and several facts stood out from the Noise of the over-all emotional appeals of the "children .

#1. These "children" were highly funded , and highly "Organized" by someone with a very hard-core Anti-gun Agenda .
#2. Though several of the "Leaders" of the teens kept saying they weren't about taking away the 2nd Amendment , the plethora of signs saying , Repeal 2A through-out the crowds said otherwise .
#3. The professionally manufactured signs and art-work were not the work-product of teens , unless they own multi-million dollar printing companies .
#4. The use of the word "Ban" was on over half of the signs I saw on the screen . Ban AR's , Ban Hi-cap Magazines , Ban Bump-Stocks , and even "Ban ALL Guns"!
#5. Avocation of raising the age to buy a "long-gun" to 21 .

What I took away from all of this ; beyond the fact that I lost three hours of my life , accomplishing nothing , was the concrete realization that there is a massive , well-funded , radical-left-wing , anti-gun ,anti-American Socialist group who have seen a opening to begin to erode , and eventually tear apart our Second Amendment , and strip us of our Right to bear Arms forever . Making this nation just one more totalitarian police state .

The NEA teachers Union ; ( another socialist organization ) says it is 100% against teachers being armed ; yet a county in the state of Ohio had 369 teachers sign up for , and begin taking CCW classes ,because that county approved the plan of arming teachers in the class-room . Three days after the Parkland shooting . And a school district in Arizona has posted signs on the fences around all the schools in their district warning that there were armed personnel on the grounds at all times . And I watched the students streaming out of the Maryland high school last week , pouring praise the their imbedded SRO for taking out that shooter , moments after he opened fire on class-mates . Saving count-less lives in the process . Yet The NEA and teachers Unions , and the anti-gun left don't want armed RSO's in the schools .....

Didn't Einstein say something about repeating a process , over and over , and expecting a different out-come was the equivalency of lunacy ?

The final point I would like to make to any , and all who have taken the time to read this is a simple one ...Virtually every mass shooting , and every school shooting in this country have been done in a , ( wait for it ......) GUN FREE ZONE !
And the greatest hypocrisy of all ; is the staunch anti-gun crowd , and Hollywood elite , go NO WHERE , without their phalanx of gun-carrying , armed guards . :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:
If not me.....Who ?
If not now ....When ?
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Re: Common Sense or Lack of It

Postby holescreek » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:22 pm

I didn't watch one minute of televised coverage or read a single article about it online. It's obvious to me that the liberal news media and Hollywood stars are orchistrating the entire thing and I won't give them my time. Every voting age high schooler in the US is said to make up about 1% of the population.
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